The Cycles That Never Cease

Tonight, I celebrate two amazing guides. It’s the 60th birthday of our dear friend Neal, and I’m fortunate to be sharing it with him at the Hideout; enjoying the work of an another amazing guide, Michael Zerang.


It was probably 2007 when Ben first awakened me to Michael Zerang and Hamid Drake. We had been at the music-trance-as-therapy game for well over a year, working out a vocabulary; vibing; and all that. I was trying to find a reference point for what I was contributing to our sessions. We were both learning new instruments and the music that accompanied them (sorta) together. Unguided other than by our own volition, we trolled forward. It was a year or so in that Ben helped me see the paths in the woods that preceded my stumbling into the forest.

This introduction to a Chicago legend came into full cycle when I learned that Michael had actually guided a friend and teacher, Quentin Shaw, when he was a very young student of percussion. That’s how history cycles, I guess.


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