Rhythm, Tempo, Melody, Emotion; A Moment…

The Exponential

Photo taken by Robert Chesrow, at Vegan Mania

…the Exponential explores all of these through symbiotic explorations of textures, sampling, and global folk influences; weaving them together to create wholly unique and intuitive pieces. The result is the moment of discovery, shared at the instant of creation, between audience and musician—raw, mesmerizing, and at times beautiful.

Ben Perkins combines the forces of the upright bass (although he seldom plays it that way) and the ancient Rudra Veena, a cither found in the mystical Dhrupad tradition of northern India whose distinctive gourds give it its haunting resonate sound. The combination of the two palettes creates a layered foundation of primal sound. Ben explores acoustic and digital feedback as an instrument in itself, as well as building and shattering sonic environments through extended bowing and picking techniques.

Percussionist Brian Murray fuses North African and Middle-Eastern traditions with found objects and loops to build spacious soundscapes. The Darbuka, Dohla, and other surfaces dance through layers of sampling and mixing distinctively at times, and at others, swell into the mass of the piece.

bio by WC Turck and Permacult.

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