Over $2,000 Raised

On Sunday, May 27th, The Exponential performed a nice droney set at Cary’s Lounge, on Devon St. in Chicago. Aside from having to fit 2 extremely talented collaborators on the stage along with the two of us, and some pedal trouble related to power strip kicking because of that, we played well and took lots of risks. The goal was to raise money to bail some of the arrestees from the #NONATO summit protests out, and we’re ecstatic that we were able to help meet that goal. Thanks to everyone who was involved. A SPECIAL thanks to all of the new friends we’ve made, and a BIG BURST OF LOVE for our fearless collaborators Johanna Weisbrock and Neal Rysdahl.

Below is the second half of our set. We started off with an interpretation of a Phil Cohran composition called “The Minstrel.” We proceeded from there with the juxtaposition of a couple of our core rhythms. Some slid in like poly-rhythmic companions, and others had the contrary elements of an anxious free jazz tantrum. You can listen here, and also download the track for your own sound library.

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