Multi-Sensory Healing Sessions with The Exponential at Voice of the City


Voice of the City, The Exponential and Aga La Magica invite you to a one of a kind multi sensory healing experience.

Being healthy and happy is our natural state of being. Sometimes we just need help letting that part of ourselves shine through again. Energy Medicine is a gentle yet powerful way to bring balance back to our lives. Our goal is to help with transforming a human life from one stage to another. 

Accompanied by sounds of live ancient acoustic instruments and singing healing bowls this unique session is all about restoring a body&mind&spirit harmony.

The session will last about an hour, will be accompanied by live music by The Exponential, and will culminate with a 30 minute restorative yoga class taught by Xen Dyl.

Pay what you can: $5, $10, $15, $20…as you are inspired and blessed to do so!

More information about the session:

During this powerful sound and guided meditation journey, you may experience the following:

• Release stress and muscle tension
• Feel expanded feelings of bliss, joy, and love 
• Let go and relax
• Stimulate the flow of energy in the body
• Flush out all toxic emotions and negative energies
• Ignite the fire that lives within you
• Feel more grounded
• Restore the body’s natural state of harmony
• Bring the chakras back into balance

Why try Multi Sensory Energy Therapy?
Energy Healing can bring relief to:

Recurring physical illness, trauma or injury
Seasonal Illnesses
Seasonal aches and pains
Recurring pattern of emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual stress
Resistance to recovery
Patterns, habits, triggers, addictions to physical pain, injury, thoughts or emotions
Attachment to the benefits of the issue or problem

Please dress comfortably and bring your mats, pillows and blankets. 

Access: The studio is on the second floor, 10 + 12 stairs, no elevator

* * *
Voice of the City builds community through making art and teaching art. This event is part of the “Flo Series,” and our commitment to nurturing and fostering the creative process.

Aga’s work is a synthesis of Eastern healing traditions and modalities. She utilizes Energy Healing techniques which are based on the principle that the body’s innate ability to heal itself is accelerated by increasing Prana (also referred to as Chi, vital energy or life-force) to the affected part of the body. It is a light hands touch, no-drug therapy.

Aga currently works at a Universal Health Institute ( as an Energy Therapist as well as offers private healing sessions at her place at Logan Square in Chicago. For testimonies please visit:

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