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#NONATOI’m a big advocate for people engaging those in power to keep them honest. I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be our part of the bargain here. Unfortunately, the election cycles in this land seem to come-off more like the surge around the NCAA Championship for most folks. I know folks all over the political spectrum, and I know how much they have in common. Getting locked-up when you’re trying to be heard sucks.

Last weekend was hard for me. I was on adult duty both Saturday and Sunday, but that didn’t stop me from scouring several sites for updates on the #NATO #M20 #OccupyChicago protests. I gotta say: from the first hand perspective I watched thanks to the likes of Tim Pool, and Stop Motion Solo, I have some concerns about how our police officers, and some of our rowdier fellow citizens handled disputes. I was crushed, and I wanted so bad to be there to help, even though those dynamics are extremely challenging to affect.

Fortunately, a friend approached me the other day after learning of a fundraiser for the folks that go locked-up. My heart jumped (a little too fast) and I took an assertive route to volunteer The Exponential. It was a tough thing to follow-up on though. Ben and I, for many many reasons, had been taking it a little easy since the end of our a.d.m. series at Prak-Sis last month. We hadn’t even checked-in for about a week. I have to give Ben, Laurie, Robyn, and Kayenn a HUGE thanks for being willing and flexible to allow Ben to shuffle his weekend around for this. In the end, we’ve pulled together something even more amazing for his. Johanna Wiesbrock will now be joining us on Viola!

A Bit of a Teaser


>FREE: T.A.F.H. download (what do you think this means?)

Here’s a track from our finale at Prak-Sis; followed by a video of Donier Tyler doing a powerful performance of a monologue from W.C. Turk’s “The Last Man.” And to wrap it up, there’s a track from one of the sessions Joanna and I did together last winter. ENJOY!!! SEE YOU SUNDAY!


Here’s a video of the lovely Ms. Tyler scaring the crap out of us:



Improv session with Johanna and I from last fall:

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