a.d.m. The Finale: The Exponential, The Last Man, and Sid Yiddish

a.d.m. this Saturday

The Exponential, W.C. Turck’s “The Last Man,” and Sid Yiddish at Prak Sis April 28th

The Exponential, The Last Man, and Sid Yiddish (with yet more Henchmen). You really won’t find a more entertaining event for this weekend, so don’t even try.

Those of you who have already committed to returning for the final show of our series–along with those who were holding-out for this show alone–may actually have been the wiser. On Saturday, April 28th, we’ll be pouring it out alongside some superb collaborators. This is going to be an event that combines multiple art forms: Music, Sound Art, Video, Comedy, and Theater at least.

You can expect the following:

  • Full-on, and pulsing set from The Exponential
  • A theatrical performance of the new science-fiction play “The Last Man”
  • Our video memory book projections
  • One more flight of the Satanic Danish Squirrel with Sid Yiddish because we love the little critter so much–even though he’s a biter.

Wine for donation. BYOB welcome.

$8-15 suggested donation, with no-one turned away as long as you give something because that’s the way we like to do it.

All shows take place at Prak Sis Contemporary Art Association:
1917 W. Irving Park RD Chicago, IL 60613

More about us:



Contact Brian, or email music@theexponential.com by Wed. 5pm.

If you’re a fellow parent/guardian that desires to find entertainment for yourself on a Saturday, we want to help. For a few extra dollars, Miyeon Kwon, the wonderful owner of Prak Sis (and loving mother of two geniuses) has offered again to help us set-up child care in the space next door to the gallery. They won’t be there under your feet, but they won’t be far. It will be cheaper than a baby sitter, and you’ll still get to party.

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